In 1864, Charlottetown was host to a very important conference, the Charlottetown Conference, where the Fathers of Confederation met to lay out the basic framework for the union that would result in the establishment of the Dominion of Canada three years later in 1867.

2014 will mark the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference, the now historical milestone and pivotal meeting that led to the formation of our country – that lead to Confederation. Now known as the “Birthplace of Confederation”, our city is steeped in history and passionate about being a part of moments that change lives.

2014 will be a year filled with historical moments as our city celebrates the 1864 Conference, Charlottetown’s history, and our nation’s shared sense of Canadian heritage. Throughout the year, Charlottetown will embark upon a number of activities, events and projects.

A few of the activities include: 2013 New Year’s Eve Celebration, Jack Frost Children’s Winterfest, Charlottetown Tulip Festival, Youth City Council, 1864 Anniversary Week Celebrations, Canada Day Celebrations, Celebration Zone, Veterans Recognition Event, Founder’s Week, Celebration of Faith, Celebration of Youth, Closing New Year’s Eve Celebration, and so much more! For a complete schedule of 2014 events, please visit

Charlottetown Proclamation


While Charlottetown has always been recognized as the Birthplace of Confederation; in 1996, then Prime Minister Jean Chretien, made it official by signing a proclamation acknowledging Charlottetown as the place where ideas first took shape in 1864 to bring about the creation of a new country – Canada. Within the proclamation, Prime Minister Chretien states, “I, Jean Chretien, prime minister of Canada, do hereby recognize and proclaim as an integral part of our heritage the role of Charlottetown as the Birthplace of Confederation.”