To register as a 2014 Ambassador click here or download PDF registration form.

All Ambassador’s must complete a Criminal Record Check and provide a photocopy of a government issued photo ID. Residents of Charlottetown will receive this at no cost and individuals outside Charlottetown can either provide a previous Criminal Record Check from the past year or complete a new one at their own cost.

About the 2014 Ambassador Program

The City of Charlottetown is looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering at various events and activities taking place during the 2014 year. It is important to the City of Charlottetown to engage the citizens in surrounding community during the exciting year to help us celebrate this milestone in history.

We approach 2014 with great excitement as it will mark a milestone for our City and Canadian history as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, which paved the way to Canadian Confederation – establishing the founding roots from which our country would take shape and identifying our City as the Birthplace of Confederation. 2014 will be a year-long celebration of events, activities and projects while we honour the past, celebrate the present and plan for a bold tomorrow.

All interested individuals will be asked to complete an Ambassador Application form which indicates; areas of interest, availability, accessibility, past experience as well as basic information. A police check will also be completed at no cost to the volunteer.

A database will be established with all successful Ambassadors included. City Staff will draw from the database for such opportunities as: The Mayor’s New Year’s Levee, Annual City Events, City Hosted Conferences, Senior Socials, PEI 2014 Inc. Partnered Events, Youth Events and other activities and projects with City involvement.

All Ambassadors will receive a special uniform consisting of a 2014 City Ambassador vest and pin to be worn while volunteering. Volunteers will also be asked to wear dark pants or shorts and comfortable footwear. Transportation to and from the various locations are the responsibility of the volunteer. Those working shifts over four hours will be provided with a snack and or meal during their shift.

If at any time the availability of the volunteer changes we ask they contact the City as soon as possible so the database can be updated.


For more information or if you have additional questions please call (902) 629-4138 or email


PDF registration forms